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Our Philosophy & Culture

When you work with a professional who puts your needs before theirs and truly cares about your well-being, it can give you confidence and peace of mind that your needs are being met. Our culture embodies this in everything we do. Whether it's the little things like a card at Christmas, or the being available to provide you with assistance when you need it most, our commitment is to always provide unparalleled services that puts your interests first.

Putting Client's Needs First

We do things differently around here — not just to be different, but because it matters for our clients. We designed our entire business to minimise conflicts of interest and to make sure that your needs are met. We have a strong division of labour between our sales and service roles, allowing employees in each role to focus on their strengths. At Humboldt Financial, our client service focuses entirely on providing superior service, not additional sales. This clear focus on servicing our clients is what makes our Advisers so happy to work with us.

Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone is welcome at Humboldt Financial. We value diverse perspectives and encourage innovation and forward thinking.

We seek those who aren’t afraid to try something different and are open to considering new processes and approaches. We want our client’s to reflect our shared values and approach.


Our employees drive our firm’s success, and we support their development by providing opportunities to succeed. We hire and promote employees based on merit, potential and “will-do” attitude, not based on how long they’ve been around for. We empower employees to achieve excellence as they grow a lifelong career in financial planning.

While everyone forges their own unique path at Humboldt, we are all on a journey together — a journey to better the financial health of the United Kingdom and beyond (maybe even the universe).

Support & Recognition

We support each other from the top to the bottom. We have an open working space environment in which conversation can flow freely. We don’t believe in private offices or segregating staff based on title or payslip.

We recognise and reward hard work, because ultimately, we work as a team and celebrate all wins, not matter how big or small. Authentic recognition of achievement is essential to what we do, so when we get the chance, we make sure we shout about it!

Contact Us

We’re here to help and answer any question you might have.

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