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Why We Are Different

At Humboldt Financial, we have always worked in our clients’ best interests by thinking and acting independently rather than following outdated industry practices. Our personalised approach, our total commitment to serving our clients and our investing experience make us unique in our industry, not just as a business, but as innovators in what experience we deliver to our clients.

Management in the Modern Age

At Humboldt Financial, we do things a little differently. Our obsession isn’t about big fees for little worth. We believe in your financial goals and treat them as if they were our own. We always put your interests first—and we’ve designed our entire business to keep it this way. Unlike most advisers, we have no incentives to sell you commission-based financial products or make recommendations when it’s not best for you just because we can charge for it. Our simple fee structure aligns your interests with our business goals. Simply put, when you do better we do better, and we’re completely open and honest about it.

Advice Tailored to Your Dreams

We respect how hard you worked to build your nest egg, and before we recommend anything, we want to get to know you. We ask questions about your goals and needs, your expenses and experiences, your health and your happiness, your family and friends, and more—to better understand what you need your money to accomplish.

This enables us to recommend a personalised financial plan, designed to meet your needs and to help you enjoy the lifestyle and retirement you’ve earned.

Consistent and Clear Information

You will receive a personal point of contact—your personal Financial Adviser—committed to understanding you on a personal level and keeping your financial plan on track. Your Financial Adviser will be there for you, whether you want to know how your portfolio is doing and why, or whether you want guidance when the ups and downs of the stock market rattle your nerves. Your Personal Adviser will keep in touch in all market conditions and won’t be afraid to give you an occasional dose of tough love to help you stay disciplined to your long-term plan. Remember though, it’s your financial goals we are working towards, so if some times you don’t like us all that much, we understand the importance of what you’re trying to achieve.

Transparency is Key to What We Do

You deserve to know what is happening with your money. That’s why we’re transparent about everything we do, from provider and fund costs to the decisions we make with our portfolios. We proactively discuss current events and openly share our forecast with you on quarterly, bi-annually, or annual reviews. Even more, so recently, we have created our newsletter list to keep you updated on things that apply to you and your financial goals. Whether you’re someone who wants to dig into the details of your portfolio or you want to be more hands-off, we provide a variety of resources to get you the information you need, when you need it — all to make sure you’re comfortable with your investments.

Contact Us

We’re here to help and answer any question you might have.

    Before you supply any personal details to us via the contact us page on this website, please read our customer privacy notice document here. This notice sets out how we will process your personal data in line with the General Data Protection Regulations. Once you have read the customer privacy notice, please tick to confirm that you have read it and that you agree to Humboldt Financial processing your personal information for the purpose of contacting you. We will not use the details you provide us in the contact page to market to you.