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Simple Fee Structure and Complete Transparency

At Humboldt Financial, we understand the issues fees raise. Hence, we offer a simple and competitive tiered advisory fee based on your desired level of engagement. It is designed to be easy to understand and we believe it puts your interests first.

A Simple Fee Structure With No Hidden Costs

You can choose how often or how little you would like to see us based on your financial planning needs. But our goal is to work to keep these costs & charges to you as low as possible. We want to work with as many people just like you, so if you like us, tell all your friends & family about us!

Initial Meeting Costs

We think we can help 99% of people we meet to become more financially savvy, so we absorb the costs of the first meeting we have.

In this initial chat, we aim to impress you with some unique planning ideas, add more value to your existing plans or get some money back in your pocket from tax planning. If we can’t do any of that, we will shake hands, thank you for the opportunity and there are no fees for you.

We typically save clients an average of £11,000 of tax per year, although this obviously is not guaranteed with each and every client, each and every year.

Plan Maintenance and Advice

If we impress you and you decide to work with us to improve your current finances, we can be paid in one of three ways: fees directly from a plan (common), a commission from a mortgage or protection provider (common), or as an hourly charge (uncommon). During the second meeting, we will walk you through all the likely charges and you can let us know if you want to proceed with us.

As an example, if you think we have good ideas and you wanted us to manage your pensions, we charge 0.75% of the funds we manage, so if you had £50,000, we would charge £375 per annum directly from pension. Pretty straightforward, right?

Exit Fees

Occasionally some products that we advise on will have exit fees (such as early repayment charges on a mortgage). We will outline all of these penalties to you as part of the setup so there aren’t any nasty surprises if your financial plans change in the future. The vast majority of plans do not have an exit fee, so if you feel the provider has done as much as they could and you want to work with someone else, there are no costs to leave

It doesn't cost anything to know where you stand!

Even if you're just after a financial health check. Speak to a professional adviser who knows this industry and can help determine if you are in good financial stead. The calls cost nothing (other than you mobile carrier charges) and doesn't take more than 25 minutes just to get some peace of mind.

    Before you supply any personal details to us via the contact us page on this website, please read our customer privacy notice document here. This notice sets out how we will process your personal data in line with the General Data Protection Regulations. Once you have read the customer privacy notice, please tick to confirm that you have read it and that you agree to Humboldt Financial processing your personal information for the purpose of contacting you. We will not use the details you provide us in the contact page to market to you.